Investment Advisory Services in Winchester, Virginia

The people at Bauserman Financial Services, Inc. in Winchester, Virginia, provide clients with expert service when it comes to asset management.

Asset Management
This service involves using a questionnaire to determine your overall tolerance for risk. Once we have determined your basic risk level, we examine whether or not you have unique financial requirements that will impose further tailoring of your investments.

Our goal is to produce an accurate analysis of your investments. If you have accounts that cannot be transferred to FSC Securities, who supervises all our security trades, then we ask you to provide a list of investments so we can understand your total portfolio composition.

Analytical Review
Our firm uses research provided by firms such as Morningstar Inc., a securities analytics company to assist us in evaluating that our clients overall portfolio composition is in line with their particular risk tolerance, goals and objectives.

Man, Asset Management in Winchester, VA

The fees we charge are based upon the total amount of money we have under management in all of your accounts.

Oversite & Review
If we learn that a client's objectives change or Morningstar issues a statement regarding a particular investment which is not performing, we will make the appropriate recommendations to our client and only after review and approval from our client make any necessary changes required.

Learn more information about our asset management options by contacting our staff of experienced professionals.


Securities and Insurance offered through FSC Securities Corporation, member FINRA/SIPC.  Advisory Services offered through Bauserman Financial Services, Inc., who is not affiliated with FSC Securities Corporation.